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Kindly read the following instructions and bylaws carefully in case of your acceptance press the (agree) button in order to be forwarded to the new application page.

The academic year at AOU consists of 2 semesters along with one summer semester. Each semester is (15-16) weeks, the summer semester is (8) weeks and it is optional.
The maximum period to fulfill the degree requirements is (16) semesters, which is equal to (8) academic years.
The minimum registered credits for the new students in summer semester are (12) or equivalent (EL098 or EL099) Or (EL099 in addition to two courses) Or (EL111 or EL112 in addition to three courses)
The minimum registered credits for the enrolled students in first and second semester are (8) credits and the maximum are (21) credits.provided that the GPQ is not less than two points.
Student’s attendance is obligatory. Absence should not exceed 25% according to the academic calendar (i.e. 75% full attendance).
Students with GPA less than 2 will receive warning at the end of any academic semester (except summer course).
Students will be expelled from the university after five warnings for five continuous semesters excluding the summer semester.
The student is not entitled to withdraw the courses or stop it for the acceptance semester.Students that register (EL098 or EL099) may not withdraw any of these courses
Enrolled students (not new) can postpone semester during the first two weeks of any academic semester. It is excluded from the maximum period to fulfill the degree requirements.
Student who didn’t register at any semester (1st or 2nd) are considered to be discontinued. o However, if the branch director approves their excuses, students will be considered deferred ones during the semester. Note that this should not exceed 4 semesters whether continuous or not.
If the new student want to apply for the course equivalency for courses achieved in a another academic institution accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, the student is obliged to meet the academic advisor in the first week of study which is the add and drop week to make sure that registered courses are excluded from the suggested courses for equivalency, as courses fees cannot be refunded after the end of this week , Note that must only register the following courses: ■ (EL098 Or EL099 Or EL111 Or EL112 ) ■ Self-learning skills (GR101 Or GR101EL ) ■ Arabic Communication Skills (AR111 or AR112).
Students who do not speak Arabic may apply at the Student Affairs Department to register Arabic for Speakers of Other Languages (AFL111)
In case of fail of EL098, EL099 will be withdrawn and replaced by EL098R.

Students will be considered as withdrawn in the following cases:
1- If they personally withdraw.
2- If they don’t register any courses during the 1st semester of the 1st academic year.
3- If they enroll but did not register for three consecutive or nonconsecutive semesters without excuse.
4- If they receive warning during five consecutive semesters. However if they fulfill the requirements of the registration they will be given two semesters as their last chance to raise their GPA.
5- if the stopping enrollment more than four consecutive or nonconsecutive semesters.
Student’s applications will be refused on the following cases:
1- Documents are incomplete.
2- Any false information that does not match the student’s official documents.
3- Acceptance conditions or requirements are not applicable.
Important Note
Applying to the university does not necessarily mean getting accepted and students accepted will be determined based on the capacity of the university and any conditions set by the Ministry of Higher Education and the University.
Rules and bylaws
Withdrawal from the university
1- In case of withdrawal from the university, before start of the academic semester till the end of first week of the actual study, the student is eligible to receive back 85% of total tuition of the semester not of what already paid
2- In case of withdrawal after the first week of study and before the end of the second week the student is eligible to receive back 70% of total tuition of the semester not of what already paid
3- In case of withdrawal any time after the second week of the semester the student is not eligible for any refund
4- All other administrative fees are nonrefundable
5- Students will not be able to withdraw from university if they applied and received to whom it may concern paper in the same semester.

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Payment methods:
1- Via AOU official website
2- Via K NET (AOU campus)
3- Installment facility is not available for the first semester - Cash Payment Not Allowed.

• Submitted Documents are non-returnable at all.
• The student will be responsible of entering incorrect data otherwise the student may not then be able to claim to a refund of fees paid.

I herby certify and admit that I am responsible for any financial commitments toward the university as a result of my registration for courses and any other tuition fees. And also I am responsible for making the full payment of these amounts without any delays according to the time specified by the university and as per rules and bylaws. And I admit that I am responsible for any actions taken by the university in case of unfulfilling any of the mentioned above.

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the information provided.

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